The 10 Best Adventures in Jamaica for Thrill Seekers

The 10 Best Adventures in Jamaica: Recommended for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.

While visiting Jamaica, your vacation doesn’t have to be just relaxing and drinking rum punch. First thing, you need to get off the resort and participate in one of the many adventures in Jamaica.

There are a wide varies of adventures in Jamaica to experience. There are tours and activities for the thrill-seeking outdoor enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies and not just the “sit back and relax” tourist.

For this reason, we have complied first-person knowledge and made a list of the 10 best adventure tours in Jamaica. Not just adventure tours but ones we have tried. We went on these Adventure Tours before and highly recommend you try at least once.

Some of the most adventurous tours you can think of, these tours range from cliff diving, hiking, kayaking, ziplining and many more. All our writers have lived in Jamaica for over 10 years and have been on a number of adventure tours, we all agreed that these are the 10 best adventure tours Jamaica.

So on your next visit to Jamaica get your adrenaline rush on with, any of this most awesome adrenaline pumping adventurous tours.

mystic mountain bobsled ride

1.) Bobsled Ride at Mystic Mountain

Experience this wild and adventurous ride on a Bobsled down a mountain. Ranked as one of the top attractions at Rainforest Adventures in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, this adventure ride was inspired by the 1988 Jamaica Bobsled team. The team became famous after competing at the Olympic Games, depicted in the movie “Cool Runnings”.

A roller coaster ride and a rainforest adventure“, is the description we got from one of our writers and we agree. You enter the park in a chair lift called the Sky Explorer which takes you up to 700 feet above sea level.

Then zoom down the mountainside in a bobsled at incredible speeds through a rainforest. We suggest enjoying the view from the Sky Explorer as it gives a crystal clear view of the Ocho Rios Bay and surrounding areas.

There are a number of attractions at the Rainforest adventure park, however, the Mountain Bobsled is the park’s signature ride. The ride lasts approximately 2 minutes down-hill, but you can do it over and over if you wish. We recommend going down in a single cart without applying brakes for the ultimate thrill.

Mystic Mountain Fun Things to do!

Admission to Rainforest adventures also gives you access to other rides and activities. Other activities include Zip-lining, Infinity-edge pool and waterslide, nature trail, and more.

If you arrive in Jamaica via cruise ship then there’s a Mystic Mountain representative at the docks, or inquire at your hotel front desk about this adventure.

General Information:

  • Company: Rainforest Adventures
  • Phone: +1-876 618-1553
  • Address: St. Anns, Jamaica
  • Cost: Bobsled Ride = $63USD

chukka atv tour adventures in jamaica

2.) Take an ATV / Dune Buggy Off-Road Adventures in Jamaica

An adventure-packed tour that takes you on a four-wheeler ATV or Dune Buggy along Jamaica’s countryside. ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and Dune Buggy Off-road tours are offered at multiple locations on the Island, however, each location has something significant to offer.

Some ATV tours will take you along rugged farmland trails and a historic estate while others will take you up the mountain for a majestic view. Whether your experience level is a beginner or an expert, there’s an ATV off-road tour group for you.

There is an ATV off-road tour nearby, whether you are staying in Ocho Rios, Negril or Montego Bay resorts. These are family-friendly tours but children must be accompanied by an adult.

NB: Some of these tours require drivers licenses to operate either of the All-Terrain vehicles. 

General Information:

  • Company: Chukka Adventures
  • Phone: + 1-876-656-8026
  • Address: Hanover, Jamaica
  • Activity Cost: $115USD

3.) Kayaking and River Tubing Adventures in Jamaica

Other Adventures in Jamaica we recommend is Kayaking and River Tubing. While the river tubing is more laid-back, the three-mile kayaking tour downriver is way more adventurous. Island Routes River Kayaking takes you down the White River in Ocho Rios.

The tour begins at the famous Old Spanish Bridge and takes you through the twist and turns of the White River. You’ll get to experience mini rapids, and beautiful scenery as you pass through an old coconut plantation.

General Information:

  • Company: Island Routes
  • Phone: +1-877-768-8370
  • Address: Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Activity Cost: Ultimate Thrill-Seekers Pass = $169USD

Cliff jumping adventures in jamaica

4.) Cliff Jumping at Rick’s Cafe in Negril

Rick’s Cafe is located in Negril, Jamaica. The cafe sits atop a picturesque cliff which makes it an ideal spot to view the Jamaican sunset. Picturesque view aside, the cafe is also known for its cliff jumping activities.

If an adrenaline rush is what you seek, then jump off the cliff into the blue water below. The highest point of the cliff is approximately 40-feet and only measures about 10 feet at the lowest point.

Rick’s Cafe also has professional divers who put on a show for patrons. The divers, on the other hand, take it to another level, while you jump from the 40-feet high cliff, they climb to the top of a tree on-top the cliff. So the divers jump from approximately 60-70 feet into the ocean below.

Please Note: You are jumping at your own risk, the cafe is not responsible for anything that happens to you while jumping.

General Information:

  • Company: Rick’s Cafe Jamaica
  • Phone: +1 876-957-0380
  • Address: West End RoadNegril, Jamaica
  • Activity Cost: Free

dunns river falls

5.) Climb Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios

Dunn’s River Falls is the most famous waterfall in Jamaica. The waterfalls are terraced like giant natural stairs and span up to 180-feet high and 600-feet long. Climbing the waterfall at Dunn’s River Falls is one of the most popular activities which is normally completed with the help of tour guides.

The multi-step cascading waterfalls are bordered by lust tropical vegetation on both sides. It takes about an hour to complete the climb with short breaks for photographs. Some areas of the falls are somewhat difficult for many, however, forming a hand-holding human chain makes it easier.

There are other waterfalls in Jamaica such as the original Mayfield Falls and Y.S. Falls. Mayfield Falls tallest drop measures a mere 9-feet while Dunn’s River Falls tallest drop measures a whopping 180-feet.

General Information:

  • Company: Urban Development Corp.
  • Phone: +1 876-974-4764
  • Address: Ocho Rios, St. Anns, Jamaica
  • Activity Cost: $23USD

camel ride
Photo Courtesy of Yaaman Adventure Park

6.) Ride a Camel at Yaaman Adventure Park

You won’t have to travel to Dubai to check this activity off your bucket list. Ride a Camel in Jamaica at Yaaman Adventure Park in Ocho Rios. Yaaman is the only company on the Island to offer a Camel Trekking Safari Experience.

Yaaman Camel Trekking includes a 30-minutes ride along Jamaica countryside, accompanied by a professional guide. You might see this activity listed on travel sites as Camel Safari Tour but it’s the same.

In addition to riding the gentle animals, you will also get the chance to interact with the animal, learn, cuddle, and take photos with the animals. We have noticed a few bad reviews online regarding their policies, however, when we visited we had a great time and no waivers were given to us to sign.

General Information:

  • Company: Yaaman Adventure Park
  • Phone: +1 866-393-5158
  • Address: Ocho Rios, St. Anns, Jamaica
  • Activity Cost: $129USD (All Attractions)

horseback ride and swim

7.) Horseback Ride and Swim Adventures in Jamaica

Horseback riding tours are offered all over the Island of Jamaica. Whether you are staying in Ocho Rios, Negril or Montego Bay, there’s a tour nearby. Take a tour through Jamaica’s scenic countryside on horseback, onto the shore, and swim bareback with the horses.

Horseback riding tour is ideal for the whole family. It’s an incredible experience for both the beginner and experienced rider. Horseback Riding Adventure Tours Jamaica takes you through nature trails, see exotic tropical birds and plants with your professional guide.

NB: This tour has a weight restriction of 250lbs and an age limit of 5 years old. 

General Information:

  • Company: Chukka Adventures
  • Phone: + 1-876-656-8026
  • Address: Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Activity Cost: $149USD (Zipline, Tubing and Horseback n Swim)
blue mountain jamaica hike
Photo Courtesy of

8.) Hike to Blue Mountain Peak Jamaica

This 14-miles round-trip hike takes you to the top of Jamaica’s highest mountain peak. The Blue Mountain Peak rises to an altitude of 7,402 feet. The trail is narrow and steep especially at the section known as Jacob’s Ladder, for the reason that its the steepest part of the hike for one mile along a zig-zag trail.

Blue Mountain Peak Trek starts off at 2 am, so you will arrive atop the peak at approximately 5 am just in time for an incredible view of the sunrise. The tour normally issues a warning as hiking at this altitude can cause dizziness.

Expect to see clusters of tree ferns, bamboo, and eucalyptus trees.  The area is also known for its colorful wildflowers and hundreds of ferns growing alongside the mossy trail to the peak.

To take on this memorable but challenging hike you will need to spend the night before the hike at either Whitfield Hall or Wildflower Lodge. Strawberry Hill hotel also offers a guided hike that is exclusive to their in-house guests only.

General Information:

  • Company: N/A
  • Phone:
  • Address:
  • Activity Cost:
tour guide pet crocodile at black river safari tour
Tour Guide kissing a Crocodile on Black River Safari – Adventure Tours Jamaica.

9.) Interact with Live Crocodiles at Black River Safari

Black River Safari Tour allows you to interact with live crocodiles. The tour takes you on a 1.5-hour cruise up the Black River on a pontoon boat towards the Caribbean Sea.

Sightseeing the scenic Black River lower morass is only a small part of the tour. You’ll get to see giant red Mangrove trees sitting on stilt-like roots that span up to 40-feet out of the water. There’s a wide variety of wildlife;  including tropical plants, over 100 species of exotic birds, freshwater fish, and the endangered American crocodile in its natural habitat.

Here you will get a chance to go for a swim in the Black River, you could witness your tour guide kiss a crocodile and you’ll also get a chance you hold and interact with the animal in their crocodile nursery. You can opt-out of holding the reptile if the thought of doing so totally horrifies you.

Recommendation: While you are here you might want to visit the coolest bar in Jamaica… Its very close-by.

General Information:

  • Tour Operator: Black River Safari Tours by J Charles Swaby
  • Phone: +1 (876) 965-2513
  • Address: 1 Crane Rd, Black River, St. Elizabeth Jamaica
  • Activity Cost: $20USD per person (including Lunch)

montego bay boat parasailing adventure jamaica

10.) Parasailing and Snorkeling Adventures in Jamaica

These are two different watersport activities, however, they are normally offered as a combo tour. We decided to list them both, as they are both adventurous and worth a day trip while on vacation in Jamaica.

  1. Parasailing Adventures in Jamaica: This recreational activity takes you along Jamaica’s coast at approximately 300-feet above. You are being towed by a boat traveling at high-speeds with a parasail wing attracted to it. See the famous seven-mile-beach in Negril from above or the beautiful coastline of Montego Bay or Ocho Rios.
  2. Snorkeling Adventures in Jamaica: See Jamaica from another angle. Explore the beautiful reefs while getting up close and personal with a school or yellowtail snappers. The possibilities are endless on a snorkeling/scuba diving adventure.

General Information:

  • Tour Operator: N/A
  • Phone: 
  • Address:
  • Activity Cost:


Our list of adventures in Jamaica should keep you fully active while on vacation. It is kind of impossible to complete them all on a two-week vacation, so you might want to make it a month-long trip or add a part 2.

We love the interaction with our readers! Did we miss an adventure tour in Jamaica that you highly recommend then share it in the comment section. 

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