Most Popular WaterSports Activities in Negril 2019

Being a native to Negril, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is What are the most popular Water Sports activities to do while in Negril Jamaica.

Normally I would just prefer to do a Google search, however, they always come back stating that the details aren’t quite clear. So I’ve decided to put together a list of the most popular water sports activities in Negril to enjoy while on vacation.

The list of Water Sports activities in Negril is pretty small but some are preferred by visitors such as Parasailing, Glass Bottom boat tour, Snorkeling, Diving, Tube Surfing, Cliff Jumping, and Catamaran Booze cruise. There are also other water sports activities that are not so popular and they are all listed below.

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While the link above will take you to adventures across Jamaica, this list is for vacationers in Negril. Water Sports activities are very popular in the resort town, so here’s our list of the best water sports activities in Negril.

So get out there and enjoy the beautiful scenery, sunshine, and turquoise waters.

1.) Catamaran Cruises in Negril

pelican bar catamaran cruise

Catamaran booze cruises are known throughout the world, but Negril does it best. Without a doubt, this is the most scenic tour of the seven-miles beach and Negril cliffs.

Enjoy reggae music and unlimited drinks as you cruise along the shore and watch the gorgeous Negril sunset from the 65-foot vessel. The luxury Catamaran is run by an experienced crew with a nightclub-like music system.

No matter whether you are on Spring Break with your friends or on summer vacation ready to enjoy a day full of fun, excitement, drinks, dancing, and music, this is one cruise you don’t want to miss!

So it’s your choice if you would like to sunbathe on the deck or just dance and enjoy as many drinks as you can manage. The catamaran cruise also has perks of making numerous snorkeling spots along the way for those who would like to explore the beautiful Caribbean reefs.

2.) Glass Bottom Boat Tours

glass bottom boat negril

Glass Bottom Boat tour guides base their operation on the Negril seven-mile-beach. They have years of experience navigating the reefs and can guide you to the best snorkeling areas.

The tour takes you along the beautiful reefs, showing off the majestic underwater world of the Caribbean sea. The tour also visits Booby Cay Island, located approximately 1/4 mile offshore where you can enjoy jerk lobster for lunch.

You’ll visit Rick’s Cafe on the cliffs, be a spectator from the water as visitors go cliff jumping or participate in the fun. The tour can last anywhere between 2 to 6 hours, depending on what you would like to do during the tour.

Honorable mentions of Tour Operators:

  • Sun Baby Glass Bottom Tour: Captain Roger: +1 876-485-4023
  • Famous Vincent Glass Bottom Boat: Captain Vincent: +1 876-473-6910
  • Mike’s Glass Bottom Boat Tour: Captain Mike: +1 876-847-7699

3.) Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Negril

scuba diving

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling is also offered by many tour operators in Negril. These two water sports activities are often tied in with the Catamaran cruises, Fishing and Glass Bottom boat tours.

While some of the best dive sites are found in other areas such as Port Royal (The Sunken City), Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay; Negril does have a vase marine life and plenty of great reefs to explore.

4.) Parasailing in Negril

Negril Parasailing

You are clear for the flight when you go parasailing in Negril. It’s a daredevil’s playground, get strapped into a parachute and then pulled by a speeding boat.

This gives enough lift for you to oversee the entire 7-mile beach. Many testimonials will attest to parasailing being “an adventure” and “breathtaking”, so book a parasailing excursion and add your own two-sense.

Similar Watersport Activities which aren’t as popular includes; Waterskiing, Tube Surfing, and Kayaking.

5.) Jet Skiing in Negril

Jet skiing Negril Jamaica

No doubt, Jet skiing is one of the most popular watersports activity in the world and it’s no different in Negril. Jet Ski rentals are located along the seven-mile beach as well as from some resorts.

It’s one of the most fun things to do on a machine in the ocean, and it requires no special skill to operate.

Jet Skiing in Negril might be a little different because you are jetting across clear blue water in one of the most laid-back places in the universe.